5 ideas for your Flight Simulator Experience

So, you have been given a Flight Simulator experience with us as a gift. One of the most common questions we hear in this situation is what can I do with it? 

1 – Take to the skies – and explore

Our Simulator can visit over 24000 different airports around the world (we can’t promise we can get back out of all of them!) So if there is somewhere that you have always wanted a go, your experience can be an ideal opportunity. From turning tightly over the bustling streets of Hong Kong on the way into the old Kai Tak airport to exploring the stunning fjords around Tromsø in Norway or admiring the expanse of the Indian Ocean on the way into Velana International Airport in the Maldives, we have you covered. 

2 – Landing and Taking off – How hard can it be? 

One of the oldest and most essential rules in aviation is that your number of takeoffs should always be equal to your number of landings! Unless, of course, you like to throw yourself out of perfectly serviceable aircraft for fun, but that’s slightly outside the realm of our experiences. Our Simulator provides the ideal environment to get to grips with getting up off terraferma and back down again. As you become more proficient, we can start to add environmental variations, such as wind and rain, to keep you on your toes. Our Simulator also keeps track of our landing performance and will produce a report to take away at the end of the session. 

3 – Emergencies – How do you cope under pressure? 

Aviation is the safest mode of transport in the world. One of the key reasons for that, is that flight crews are prepared for when the untoward happens. So how would you cope under pressure? We can inject any number of failures or problems into a flight in our Flight Simulator and then coach you through how to handle them, from Engine failures to Fuel leaks. You can see first-hand during your experience how the redundancy and automation on the aircraft works and just what the flight crews goes through to bring you home safely. 

4 – Flying on Instruments – Landing when the weather closes in

Being based in the UK means less-than-ideal weather conditions for flying are the norm. The aviation sector has innovated over the last 100 years to develop methods of getting us safely back on the runway in visibilities down to 75m. Our Flight Simulator provides us with a unique ability to change the weather conditions rapidly to let you experience landing a 62-ton Boeing 737 home in those challenging conditions. 

5 – The Gate to Gate experience – Time to be a captain for the day? 

Why not go one step further, and take your experience from gate to gate on a full sector? One of our most popular routes in Bristol to Edinburgh, starting with the aircraft powered off at the gate, and with one of our experienced instructors in the first officer’s seat to guide you through, you can take the skies with 180 passengers. Culminating with a landing at your destination. The adventure draws to a close with one last challenge as you park the aircraft at a gate. Unfortunately, not all sessions are long enough to accommodate this, as we recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for this type of experience. However, you can contact us to upgrade your voucher to make the most of your time! 

Are you ready to make the leap into the world of aviation?

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737NG Flight Simulator approaching Mauritius at sunset

Our 737-800 Flight Simulator approaching Mauritius at sunset