30 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

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Discover the exhilaration of flight through our 30-Minute Flight Simulator Experience! Whether you’re an experienced aviator or simply seeking a new adventure, this session is tailored for you. Embark on a remarkable journey with our cutting-edge Boeing 737 flight simulator, where you’ll have the opportunity to seize control and soar through the boundless skies.

We’ll start the experience with a short introduction to the simulator and its controls. Then, you’ll take off on your flight! First, we’ll guide you through a simple exercise to help you get the hang of flying and using the controls. After that, the real adventure begins.

Select from an array of diverse airports and environments, each offering a distinct and thrilling flying encounter. Glide above the majestic Alps, cruise through the ethereal New Zealand clouds, challenge a storm in the bustling skies of New York, or attempt renowned approaches from around the world. Each session is uniquely tailored to your preferences, ensuring no two experiences are alike.

The highlight of your 30-Minute Flight Simulator Experience lies in your absolute command of the aircraft, from takeoff to landing. Accompanied by our skilled instructors, who offer valuable tips and guidance. They’ll readily address any queries, ensuring you have a fulfilling and enriching time with our team. This experience makes for an ideal gift for aviation enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, or anyone eager to explore new horizons.

So, why wait any longer? Book your Flight Experience Session today and embark on an extraordinary aerial adventure! Our state-of-the-art simulator and seasoned instructors guarantee an unforgettable and unparalleled experience that will stay with you for years to come.

Don’t forget you can add our Inflight Video package for an HD recording of your Flight Experience Session.

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