Christmas Gift Vouchers, WorldFlight 2019 & more


737-800 Fixed Base Simulator over the Great Pyramids in Egypt

Our 737-800 Fixed Base Simulator approaching the Great Pyramids in Egypt

Christmas Gift Vouchers

The goose is getting fat and you still don’t know what to buy your loved one?

Why not get in touch and arrange for gift vouchers for a fantastic experience in our Simulator? We also offer customised hard copy and E-Vouchers for anything from a taster session to our new “virtual Type Rating”!


WorldFlight 2019 Wrap Up

The dust has just about settled on WorldFlight 2019, and we have raised over £3440 for Fly2Help. I would like to take this opportunity to send a huge thank you to everyone who watched the stream, donated and of course to the crew who made it all possible!

We are planning one final live stream for the year, and that will be VATSIMs Fly and See Santa event on the 14th of December. You will be able to join us on the flight deck on our LiveStream as normal, with a crew of Marc, Paul and Duncan. We are hoping to be airborne around 1630z. The arrival time will mainly depend on how long we have to hold on our way to Tromsø. During the stream, we will still be taking donations for Fly2Help on our Virgin Money Page. We also have some upgrades to our streaming equipment to showcase during the event!

virtual Type Rating Package

The brand new virtual Type Rating is designed to take the student from little to no experience, to “Solo” in our 737NG Simulator. Covering a wide range of topics including:

  • Aircraft Startup from Cold and Dark
  • Visual & Instrument Approaches (ILS/NDB/VOR & RNAV)
  • Cross Wind Landing technique
  • Flight Management Computer usage

This is only a small subsection of the course, as it is spread out over 8-10 hours in our Simulator. The student also receives a ground school package that covers each module in detail. As well as a further 4 hours with our instructors covering the theory and technical information behind the course material. The course is aimed at any level of experience and ability. It is especially well suited to those with a passion for flying, who want to challenge themselves in the next chapter of their aviation journey.

For more information on the course, or to discuss it with our team you can call us on 03333 031351 or email us at info (at)

737-800 Fixed Base Simulator approaching Mauritius at sunset

Our 737-800 Fixed Base Simulator approaching Mauritius at sunset

World Flight 2019 is underway!

We are well and truly underway now. We started on Saturday evening at 2200 with our departure from Sydney. Operating 24 hours a day until this coming Saturday, we’re flying around the world in 44 sectors.

As I type, we are on our way down to Mariscal in Ecuador as we begin the South American leg.

WorldFlight is an annual event in which 14 full-sized simulators, similar to our own, are flown in unison for a week, 24 hours a day, circumnavigating the world in 44 legs. The event tests both the crews and the simulators to the extreme and is all for the purpose of raising money for each of the individual sims charities of choice. This year we have set ourselves the goal of raising £2,500 for the Gloucestershire based charity Fly2Help.

The flights will be conducted online on the VATSIM network, providing live Air Traffic Control through most of the countries that we visit. A 45-60 minute turn around is allowed at each stop and during that time the incoming crew will be fully briefed as to weather conditions along their route as well as other operational requirements.

If you would like to get involved with World Flight, then you can watch along live on our Twitch stream and interact with the crew via the chat box as we continue on our journey.

More importantly, you can visit our donation page and help push us closer to (and hopefully beyond!) our £2,500 target!

WorldFlight 2017 – Wrap Up

We are recovering slowly after a crazy first week in November, around the world in the Sim, running it 24/7. Huge thanks to the guys that came from across the country to crew it, without you all, it would not have been possible. We have so far raised £2502.23 for Fly2Help, which is far better than we could have hoped when we started planning our WorldFlight 2017 adventure! Another massive thank you to everyone who has supported the team, by donating, dropping off food/drinks and providing words of encouragement! Donations will be open for a few weeks yet, so if you are able and want to contribute towards the amazing work that Fly2Help do, you can do so here:

We have attached a few photos from the week for your enjoyment!

Surveying the Weather before commencing the appproach

Enroute to the Sydney Harbour Bridge with BAW37C (SimFest)

On Approach to Nagasaki

Parked up at Paro

The DeciBelles joined us for a sector